The Importance of Hiring a Fully Covered, Fully Insured House Painter

Under Ontario Law, if a contractor injures themselves on your property and they are not covered by the Workplace Safety Insurance Board of Ontario (WSIB), you can be held completely liable for medical bills, lost wages and more. That is why it is important to only hire painters (and contractors of any stripe) who can provide documentation of their coverage and up-to-date account status. You can view our own valid WSIB certificate below, or download it if you prefer for your records. We're covered, so you're covered.



A Downloadable Copy of Our WSIB Clearance Certificate
If you would like a copy for your records. Any reputable painter with coverage should be able to easily provide you with a copy of this.
WSIB Clearance 2011 SOG.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 46.6 KB