Why Are We The Number One Choice

For House Painting in Ottawa?

Here Are The TOP TEN Reasons:

  1. We only employ highly skilled and experienced painters - Why would you trust your home to amateurs?
  2. All our painters are fully insured by WSIB - don't get caught holding the bag when a fly-by-night painter with no compensation hurts themselves on your property. 
  3. We are covered by 2 million dollars liability insurance in the unlikely event of an accident - when a penny-saver painter with no insurance breaks that antique vase... take a wild guess if you'll ever see him again! We're covered, so you're covered.
  4. We are 100% Ottawa LOCAL. We're not a big national franchise that is spending thousands of dollars a year on TV advertising and passing those costs along to you -  We don't charge royalties, but we will treat you like a King or Queen!
  5. Our innovative staffing solutions allow us to book your project much sooner than the competition. Get your project done on your timeline!
  6. We only use top quality latex 100% acrylic paints by Benjamin Moore. When it comes to paint longevity, you really get what you pay for.
  7. Our painters will respect your home- they always use drop cloths in every room and work carefully. No mess means no stress!
  8. We prep properly. Believe it or not, when a paint job is done correctly, preparation can often be up to half the work! We believe an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!
  9. We are proud of our Client Satisfaction Guarantee- We don't collect payment until you are 100% satisfied. What do you have to lose?
  10. Our experienced estimator will provide you with a full colour consultation and a no-commitment quote FREE of charge!


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