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Everyone in Ottawa is in a rush to complete their house painting project... But nobody wants a rushed paint job.



As Ottawa's Premier Short-Notice and Quick-Booking Interior and Exterior House Painters, we at Strokes of Genius Painting pride ourselves on delivering quality, guaranteed work at a reasonable price... AND in a reasonable timeframe!


The conventional wisdom holds that if you want a painting project done, you either have to pay exorbitant rates to a professional painting contractor and wait months and months until they can fit you in,  or you pay a fly-by-night painter to do a rush job if you can't afford the cost or the wait... 


But what if you could get professional painting, AND have it done on your schedule? 


At Strokes of Genius Painting, we challenge the conventional wisdom to give you the best of both worlds.


Because we only hire the most experienced, courteous and polite painters, when you BOOK WITH US you can be sure of the quality of our workmanship. In fact, we're so confident in our work that we guarantee it against any failures for 3 Years. 


But because of our unique staffing strategy, we can offer a quality paint job at an affordable price AND work with your schedule to complete your painting project efficiently!


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