How Do We Deliver Quality House Painting

AND Offer Flexible Scheduling?

Our strategy is really quite simple: If we can squeeze two more work days out of the week than the competition and encourage our staff to work as efficiently as possible, WITHOUT sacrificing our quality workmanship ... then we can offer high quality painting services at a lower cost to you and with less waiting!

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Our staffing solution, while innovative, is not very complicated. Instead of running all our crews in the same 9-5, Monday-Friday grind, we run separate and overlapping shifts so that none of our painters work 7 days weeks, but when it is convenient for our clients we can still produce interior paint jobs on Saturdays and Sundays while the rest of the painting world stands still!


We also encourage our painters to work efficiently by offering bonuses for hitting production quotas, BUT all bonuses are tied to manager inspections so that we can encourage consistent and efficient labour without sacrificing our workmanship.


The only corners we cut are the four corners of your walls!


Because of our innovative approach, we can offer you a quality paint job at a reasonable price and on a reasonable timeline!


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